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Thank you for helping make our show possible!

Become a sponsor and have your Company Name and Logo on a placard that will be displayed with the class(es) you choose to support! 

You will also get to give out an award to any model of your choosing within the class(es) you are sponsoring!

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Classes Highlighted in Red are Unavailable

Best in Show (Palmetto Paint Specialties)

AUTOMOTIVE (1st, 2nd, & 3rd awarded in each class)
A1—Box Stock - Includes Factory Stock, Street Stock, Street Rods 1948 & older, Street Machines 1949 & newer built straight from the box * (Xtreme RC and Hobby)
A2—Factory Stock - Open (Sellars Hardware)
A3—Street Rods - Open (1948 & Older) (Sellars Hardware)

A4—Street Machines - Open (1949 & Newer) (Includes Pro-Street**) (Xtreme RC and Hobby)
A5—Customs & Lowriders (Xtreme RC and Hobby)

A6—Pick-Ups, Vans & 4x4’s (Except Racing Vehicles) (ACME)
A7—Commercial - (Big Rigs, Flatbeds, Construction Equipment, Wreckers, etc.) (Dave Lotterer)
A8—Motorcycles (Goose Creek Antique Mall)
A9—Straight Line Racing - Any racing vehicle that competes on a straight line course (pavement or dirt)

(Don Franklin)
A10—Road Course Racing - Any racing vehicle that competes on a road racing course (pavement or dirt) (ACME)
A11—Circle Track Racing - Any racing vehicle that competes on a circle track (pavement or dirt) (Darlington Raceway)
A12—Import Passenger Vehicles (ACME)
A13—Large Scale (1/18th Scale & Larger) (Dave Lotterer)
A14—Auto Miscellaneous - Any model not fitting another class*** (Dave Lotterer)

Y1—12yrs. & younger - Any Model (Coonrod Customz)
Y2—13yrs. to 16 yrs. - Any Model (Coonrod Customz)

D1—Automotive (Goose Creek Antique Mall)
D2—Non-Automotive (Rooks Nest Antiques)
D3—Miscellaneous (Rooks Nest Antiques)

NON-AUTOMOTIVE (1st, 2nd, & 3rd awarded in each class)
N1—Fighting Vehicles - 1/35th Scale & Larger (Dave Corvino)
N2—Fighting Vehicles - 1/36th Scale & Smaller
N3—Cargo Trucks, Artillery & Soft Skin - All Scales (Rooks Nest Antiques)
N4—Miscellaneous - All Scales, Diecast w/modifications, models not fitting another category
AIRCRAFT (Above and Beyond Automotive LLC)

N5—Fighter & Recon - 1/48th Scale & Larger
N6—Fighter & Recon - 1/72nd Scale & Smaller
N7—Bomber & Cargo - All Scales
N8—Rotary Aircraft - All Scales
N9—Civilian Aircraft - All Scales (Rooks Nest Antiques)
N10—Miscellaneous - All Scales, Diecast w/modifications, models not fitting another category
N11—Military Vessels - 1/400th Scale & Larger
N12—Military Vessels - 1/401st Scale & Smaller
N13—Submarines - All Scales (Dave Corvino)
N14—Commercial or Civilian Vessels - All Scales
N15—Miscellaneous - All Scales, Diecast w/modifications, models not fitting another category
N16—Historic & Military - All Scales (Rooks Nest Antiques)
N17—Miscellaneous - All Scales (Includes Fantasy, Sci-Fi, & GUNDAMS) (Goose Creek Antique Mall)

N18—Sci-Fi / Fantasy Vehicles—All Scales (Goose Creek Antique Mall)
N19—Any model not fitting another class - All Scales

“Street Freaks” - Any car, truck, motorcycles, race car etc. 

2024 European & Japanese Racing Challenge - Any European or Japanese import racing vehicle (ACME)

“D-Day” - Any model that depicts D-Day

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